About Us

The VeriFiber story began in 1996 when VeriFiber Technologies, Inc. was founded. VeriFibeTechnologies was venture funded in 1998 by Alliance Technology Ventures for research in the field of optical components. This work earned qualification as an incubator company in the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), which is sponsored by the State of Georgia. The company graduated from the ATDC in 2000 for achieving sales and employee growth objectives. In addition to this fundamental research, the company was also engaged in a number of product development activities for internal and external customers. Furthermore, the company succeeded in growing a “fulfillment business” for out-sourced activities at Lucent Technologies. The company earned several awards for customer service from Lucent and Avaya over the years.  
In late 2000, VeriFiber Technologies was acquired by Bandwidth9, Inc. to quickly gain a self-contained group of development engineers and operational support staff. This team of people became the Atlanta Systems Division, and gained responsibility for the development of subsystem modules incorporating Bandwidth9’s core technology of tunable lasers. 

Early in 2002, the business unit (consisting of its “legacy” business, related inventories and associated personnel) was spun-out as an independent company. The new company took the name of VeriFiber, LLC and continues to grow the business and relationships developed during the prior years. 

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